Together……A Themedlyric based on Concrete Poetry Style.Guessing the shape of the lines, Two Diamonds-one on top of the other, signifies the “Balance” maintained by Mother Nature.It maybe considered as a variation of Diamonte poems where the poem is structured in the form of a diamond.Written with care and passion to ensure the diamond shape with an echelon structure.Here,I present to you…….




We are the

Children of new dawn

Living on this beautiful Earth

Here,to serve a definite purpose

Shan’t we harm our home

Let’s  adore   it with


And with


To live

And let live

Is our only hope

Of a  Beautiful  planet  Earth

Strung on a lacy Satin Thread

So delicate so very fragile

Are  the  beads  of


And with


-Amrith Venkat


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