My philosophy of life

A Themedlyric special in the Freelance style. We use many words everyday without knowing the impact they have got in the society.Some words are kind while some are harsh enough to cause grief and sorrow to the heart.True as Saint Thiruvalluvar said “Physical wounds are bound to heal soon,whereas the wounds caused by words(by tongue) are permanent ones” .So words say who you are.This poem below is one of my inventions( Don’t brand me as a madman 😛 )in the style called as Number Play and this is one of the two i have written in this style .Its written in a progressive style in accordance with the numerals matching the no of letters in each word.And with a little bit of help from a book called Choti Choti Baetein here’s the poem folks…..

Ten Simple Words

I– 1 simple letter,yet hard to let go.

We– 2 simple letters,yet hard to be together.

Lie– 3 simple letters,yet hard to stop saying.

Life– 4 simple letters,yet too short to live.

Youth– 5 simple letters,yet hard to regain.

Beauty– 6 simple letters,yet hard to see.

Mistake– 7 simple letters,yet hard to forget.

Emotions– 8 simple letters,yet hard to control.

Affection–  9 simple letters,yet hard to show.

Reputation -10 simple letters,yet hard to keep up.

-Amrith Venkat


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