The Numbers of love

Hi there again…Dear readers of Themedlyric..This new poem is next in line to my previous post My philosophy of life-Ten Simple Words. In the present scenario,the next-gen, everything is under the Fast forward button.What we expect is,someone who can be with us-a person to care and love.In today’s terminology LOVE means an entirely different thing from what it was during the Olden and Golden times.We tend to view it in rather a negative way and yeah as we know each one has a different explanation about it.Now I present my view on this current raging debate in the form of a poem.As you might guess,when I say ‘next in line to my previous post’  oh yeah I love numbers a lot…My point is Love has the Internal and Eternal connection with numbers.If great Mathematicians loved numbers,why can’t numbers reveal love for persons..I’ve brought out  this poem in Number play(if u remember the previous post) exclusively for Themedlyric readers…I give you….

The Numbers of love

For ages immemorial

For aeons unknown,

What I long for is the explanation for Love.

So strong is Love ‘cause,

For what happens is fate,

It sparks many a debate,

Certainly urges to hate.

Sweet are the Numbers of Love,

Never shall we know the Number of Loves.

Shan’t thee have ZERO regret,

Never should you retreat.

Many a times, it’s a ONE sided affair,

Subtly seeks a repair.

Uniting of TWO souls together,

Bound by immortal strife.

Sweetest of the THREE fruits,

Never bitter in its actions.

Lives throughout the FOUR seasons,

Blossoming the fragrant flowers.

Commanding the FIVE elements of Nature,

Never contained in them.

Rolling a dice with SIX faces,

Posing an enigma of mystery.

Composition of the SEVEN ragas,

Just but the next melodious one.

Of all who pervades the EIGHT directions,

Never unseen by the loving eye.

Magnanimous Language of the NINE expressions,

Yet never a part of it.

Ultimately , the compilation of the TEN commandments

Is nothing but Love itself, but never ours to command.

  -Amrith Venkat


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