The known and unknown

Hello Readers….Sorry to keep you waiting for the next post in Themedlyric. This poem certainly a confusing one ( You’ll say so 😛 ) . This style is often opted by poets who rather say thing subliminally.Yet in this one, nothing has a hidden meaning or message-just the plain fact. Notably worthy of mention, It employs Wordplay and Pun in order to convey its message…(P.S. I suggest that you read each line twice or thrice to grasp the meaning )…Here is the poem……..

The known and unknown

To know something is to know something unknown,

Something unknown is what is not known.

What is not known is something never known.

Never known things are never unknown.

Yet, known things become unknown,

When fears unknown become known.

So, let fears become unknown,

To make the unknown known,

And the known, even better known.

-Amrith Venkat


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