Lost in words

Hi there dear Readers.Sorry for the delay in the latest post in Themedlyric. This poem is based on a person ,lets call him Mr.X for our convenience.. Now ,this Mr.X could be anyone in this world. Well , I’m sure that could be you after you read it😀.. Unfortunately no old stories could be given as an example for this work.. Possibly one can naturally imagine himself or herself in place of the one who is reading it out to their beloved.. With a bit of inspiration from the happenings around us , a poem for you……..

Lost In words

Once I was gazing at the stars,

Not that I counted just a few.

The day when they stop twinkling,

Is when I’ll stop admiring you.

Once I drew two parallel lines,

Such that they would meet.

The day when they meet together,

Is when I’ll cease adoring you.

Once I shed my tears,

Into the deep blue Ocean.

The day when I find it,

Is when I’ll stop loving you.

-Amrith Venkat


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