Learning it the hard way

Hi there dear Readers..Exactly a year of my absence here at Themedlyric. I don’t know what took me long to publish the next poem. There is nothing special to say about this poem. It is a thought that ocurred.When one finds life so easy it doesn’t add any experience to it-Just like eating the same food thrice everyday.What a person must learn to accept is that this age is full of happiness tagged with disappointment and treat both with the same strength of heart.I have written it for you…….

Learning it the hard way

Trampling the lanes of adolescence

Entering the age of varying emotions.

Another soul steps in,very eager

With experience meager

To learn it the hard way.


Time reveals the first

There, It looks like quenchable thirst.

Things go good for a while;

When you plan an extra mile,

She pats me ,”You’re too young!”


Time reveals the second

With a sad story and teary eyes she beckoned.

Support and hope,my offer

Rather she chose to differ.

I learnt,”Trust none blindly”


Time reveals the third

Twice experienced and all geared

Treading the dangerous path

Incurred my conscience’s wrath

Careful now,”Swag ain’t paying the bills”


All the while ,she isn’t the pleasant Moon

Disastrous; maybe a sand dune.

Everywhere there is a signboard

Always look out for the other road

Thus the lesson learnt the hard way.

-Amrith Venkat


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