The Twelve Degrees

Hello readers, 9 months later..An absolutely freelance number to put my brain to work or yours???
12 is a special number in my life and connects with instantly anything I come across. Incidentally, this is the 12th post in the blog. For “my people” 12.12 is when I can expect you to call me. 12 features in this poem prominently. 
A Themedlyric special based on an unpublished work(anonymity reasons,though a handful know😜).For you…

Alright, let me get this straight

Meaningless, is this verse.

Read me twice or thrice 

I make sense !

Try, for this is just the fifth degree.

Here it is infront of you.
Vertigo- you won’t experience

Enchanting I am with words

Now do as I say:

Keenly observe the firsts of All

And voila,presto,the poet,

The twelve degrees, my identity.

                        -Signed by(it’s in the poem)

( P.S) the last four lines are the key to the poem.. If you get it, then you are simply Wow!!😎


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