Stories of the stars

​The 13th post on Themedlyric. Each of our life experiences is a learning step. Others experience is also a learning step. In that way,one has countless experiences which at compared to the countless stars. Inspired from today’s walk at night,the theme Stories of the stars…. To my readers….

Stories of the stars

All the stars that shine,

Tell a story of mine.

All stars that glitter,

Tell a story that is bitter.

Every star that shimmers,

Tells a story of whimpers.

Every star burning a million years,

Spoke of all my fears.
Each star shining bright,

Tells a story of unparalleled delight.

Each star glittering tonight,

Tells the happenings,”what might?”

All shimmering stars of yore,

Will tell my story as lore.

All stars with million years to burn,

Will tell my story of a fabulous sojourn.

                                                -Amrith Venkat


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