A trip round the world

Ahoy readers..Welcome aboard the YIS Themedlyric (Your Imagination’s Service :-P). Get prepared for the virtual tour of the world with me..I’m sure all of you must have either read the story or watched the movie “Around the world in 80 days” by the famous French author Jules Verne.Conventionally Verne’s story begins at England travelling through almost all continents and winning the bet,with a bit of trouble from Inspector Fix,and a “happily ever after marriage” with Aouda . My poem begins at Coimbatore, my Home town traversing all the wonderful places in the world,with a “happy ending” unlike Verne’s work.Get ready, the ship is set to sail……

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In pursuit of happiness

Hello readers.Welcome back to Themedlyric.A fine topic to start a fine day.Do we know what it costs to be happy?Let me tell you with my approach..Happiness is a self served action that reaps its own fruit….(Oh man!!what’s he talking about ????? 😦 ) Well I’m saying that happiness is something which you get purely based on your actions (i.e) do good and you can feel the joy in doing good…. .:-) . Okay,”That reaps its own fruit” ??? (wait wait wait!!!! Happiness ain’t a tree to give too many fruits …..) You deserve what you get. A good deed is often repaid by another in another way.I hope you understood now. In my perspective ,dear readers , I give you the poem……….

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On death

Oh yeah, an unusual selection of a theme on Themedlyric….Welcome back readers.Death has always intrigued man for many years and still will continue to do so. Death is often dreaded by all so that it has occupied the position of an “Incurable Unavoidable Disease” in the hearts of men.One point to be agreed upon-if it were not for death, this world would become a dump yard of millenia old men and we would be walking upon them. In the current scenario, all wish to live a hale and healthy life for many years.Yes,I don’t say its wrong,as humans are beings with enough greed.As a matter of fact we must learn to accept death as a stage in life. In my view, Nature is always composed of dualities. Whatever we see is a mere expression of another. A man has an opposite as a woman,an electron has a positron,a stag has a doe,a yin to a yang.In this sense one must accept the duality of Life as Death. A parallel must read work is that of William Cullen Bryant named Thanatopsis (click here) which literally means -“Death’s Story”.Dear readers I give you a work on Death…Here is the poem…..

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The lessons of life

Hi dear readers of Themedlyric..A special post describing the lessons what life teaches us. Actually I got the idea of writing on life due to a poem from my 12th std text book titled “Psalm of Life” by H.W.Longfellow.While Psalm of Life extends its message on a narrative, “The Lessons of Life” gives a perspective on life,the reason we were created and the ways we can ensure that we continue in the right path.Many people have their own perspective about life.This one is best suited to my angle of thinking. Constructed in 6 stanzas contains the rhyme scheme of ‘abab’. Rich in its context ,I hope that this poem will serve its purpose.I give to you…….

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The known and unknown

Hello Readers….Sorry to keep you waiting for the next post in Themedlyric. This poem certainly a confusing one ( You’ll say so 😛 ) . This style is often opted by poets who rather say thing subliminally.Yet in this one, nothing has a hidden meaning or message-just the plain fact. Notably worthy of mention, It employs Wordplay and Pun in order to convey its message…(P.S. I suggest that you read each line twice or thrice to grasp the meaning )…Here is the poem……..

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The Numbers of love

Hi there again…Dear readers of Themedlyric..This new poem is next in line to my previous post My philosophy of life-Ten Simple Words. In the present scenario,the next-gen, everything is under the Fast forward button.What we expect is,someone who can be with us-a person to care and love.In today’s terminology LOVE means an entirely different thing from what it was during the Olden and Golden times.We tend to view it in rather a negative way and yeah as we know each one has a different explanation about it.Now I present my view on this current raging debate in the form of a poem.As you might guess,when I say ‘next in line to my previous post’  oh yeah I love numbers a lot…My point is Love has the Internal and Eternal connection with numbers.If great Mathematicians loved numbers,why can’t numbers reveal love for persons..I’ve brought out  this poem in Number play(if u remember the previous post) exclusively for Themedlyric readers…I give you…..

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My philosophy of life

A Themedlyric special in the Freelance style. We use many words everyday without knowing the impact they have got in the society.Some words are kind while some are harsh enough to cause grief and sorrow to the heart.True as Saint Thiruvalluvar said “Physical wounds are bound to heal soon,whereas the wounds caused by words(by tongue) are permanent ones” .So words say who you are.This poem below is one of my inventions( Don’t brand me as a madman 😛 )in the style called as Number Play and this is one of the two i have written in this style .Its written in a progressive style in accordance with the numerals matching the no of letters in each word.And with a little bit of help from a book called Choti Choti Baetein here’s the poem folks…..

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