Stories of the stars

​The 13th post on Themedlyric. Each of our life experiences is a learning step. Others experience is also a learning step. In that way,one has countless experiences which at compared to the countless stars. Inspired from today’s walk at night,the theme Stories of the stars…. To my readers….

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The Twelve Degrees

Hello readers, 9 months later..An absolutely freelance number to put my brain to work or yours???

12 is a special number in my life and connects with instantly anything I come across. Incidentally, this is the 12th post in the blog. For “my people” 12.12 is when I can expect you to call me. 12 features in this poem prominently. 

A Themedlyric special based on an unpublished work(anonymity reasons,though a handful know😜).For you…

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Learning it the hard way

Hi there dear Readers..Exactly a year of my absence here at Themedlyric. I don’t know what took me long to publish the next poem. There is nothing special to say about this poem. It is a thought that ocurred.When one finds life so easy it doesn’t add any experience to it-Just like eating the same food thrice everyday.What a person must learn to accept is that this age is full of happiness tagged with disappointment and treat both with the same strength of heart.I have written it for you…….

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Lost in words

Hi there dear Readers.Sorry for the delay in the latest post in Themedlyric. This poem is based on a person ,lets call him Mr.X for our convenience.. Now ,this Mr.X could be anyone in this world. Well , I’m sure that could be you after you read it😀.. Unfortunately no old stories could be given as an example for this work.. Possibly one can naturally imagine himself or herself in place of the one who is reading it out to their beloved.. With a bit of inspiration from the happenings around us , a poem for you……..

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A trip round the world

Ahoy readers..Welcome aboard the YIS Themedlyric (Your Imagination’s Service :-P). Get prepared for the virtual tour of the world with me..I’m sure all of you must have either read the story or watched the movie “Around the world in 80 days” by the famous French author Jules Verne.Conventionally Verne’s story begins at England travelling through almost all continents and winning the bet,with a bit of trouble from Inspector Fix,and a “happily ever after marriage” with Aouda . My poem begins at Coimbatore, my Home town traversing all the wonderful places in the world,with a “happy ending” unlike Verne’s work.Get ready, the ship is set to sail……

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In pursuit of happiness

Hello readers.Welcome back to Themedlyric.A fine topic to start a fine day.Do we know what it costs to be happy?Let me tell you with my approach..Happiness is a self served action that reaps its own fruit….(Oh man!!what’s he talking about ????? 😦 ) Well I’m saying that happiness is something which you get purely based on your actions (i.e) do good and you can feel the joy in doing good…. .:-) . Okay,”That reaps its own fruit” ??? (wait wait wait!!!! Happiness ain’t a tree to give too many fruits …..) You deserve what you get. A good deed is often repaid by another in another way.I hope you understood now. In my perspective ,dear readers , I give you the poem……….

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